Delays for Alpha Update #1

Unfortunately, late last night my application SSD failed. The good news is this drive does not contain ANY important data or project files. 

However, it is the only SSD I had in my machine large enough to store large applications, which means all of my development tools are no longer accessible. After troubleshooting the drive into oblivion I've determined it's a lost cause (it is a 5 year old drive) and have ordered a new one. This part won't be arriving until tomorrow, which is also my lovely girlfriend's birthday - a day I had already planned on not developing on.

So, Friday would be the earliest I can get back to work. Given all this, I just want to update you all that version 0.1.5 will likely not be coming until late next week.

Goes to show you - shit happens!

computer rage GIF

Until next time!



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Wow, a dead drive mid-development. That's one of those things that they always warn you about but never happens. Sorry to hear it!


Yeah it sucks. I'm just super happy it wasn't the HDD I use to store all my game projects and back ups!