Launch Window Extension

Greetings! It has been quite some time since the last update.

The holidays took a toll on development - so with that, the launch window has been extended to mid to late Q2 2021. I'm shooting for early May, but that is a soft launch window, for sure. Ideally, the Itch version of the game will launch in that window, whereas the Steam version may take longer to finalize due to its specific requirements and features.

That being said, there has been some development since the last post:

  • Movement Undo - the main implementation is in place; still working through some UX and pacing with Game Over conditions
  • Beta Visuals - game is being visually upgraded to prepare for Final Art Pass
    • Some 3D models have been refined (namely the Cube and Cross, which are now beveled)
    • Lighting has been enhanced with reflection probes to simulate global illumination - gives the game a much softer look
    • Ice Tiles have been updated to feature more realistic texture and displacement while also being seamless
    • Virus Tiles have been updated with a more visually appealing design and now animate seamlessly across tiles; their particles have also been updated to match
    • Levels now feature various "environmental" visual effects; by default, all levels will feature a subtle rolling fog effect in the background with floating orange particles, whilst levels featuring Ice Tiles will have snow and blizzard VFX, and levels featuring Virus Tiles will be inundated with floating virus particles - more VFX to come
    • Movement Undo visual effects in place - CRT/lens distortion effect akin to rewinding a VHS tape
  • Level Progression - the updated level progression systems are underway; they are the next set of systems set for in-depth development; the completion of this system will initiate the beginning of the final level design phase of the beta

Once the new level progression system is in good working order we will prepare the Open Beta for release. The Open Beta will feature the original 30 alpha levels plus a few new Beta levels for testers to enjoy. Most  (but not all) of these levels will be featured at launch.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done. In the coming days, I will be updating and polishing up the marketing and promo materials for the game. With this, you will get a Beta Teaser showing off some of the polished visuals. There is still a chance this puppy gets pushed back into the Summer - but the outlook at the start of this year is looking better than the last few months.

Wish me luck!



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Good luck !