Beta Release Candidate 1


When we last spoke I had the pleasure of detailing how life's changes were putting a damper on IGEO DX.

It seems like that is a constant factor in my life in 2021, as there hasn't been much progress. The new apartment my fiance and I moved into in mid-June has proven to be quite a thorn in our side. To keep things short - issues regarding the habitability of our residence due to water intrusion have really ramped up the stress atop an already busy work life. If something doesn't change soon it looks likely that we will be moving again in the coming months.

However, I have done a little bit and built out IGEO DX for the first time in ALMOST A YEAR and I want to have people give it a spin. This is the first build on Itch that features beta art and the all-too-coveted Movement Undo feature.

Please note - this is the Movement Undo system that has given me a lot of grief. It has not been redeveloped yet and there is a chance I may not have to do so. Please break it - it has issues, here are some I am aware of:

  • Undoing from the Game Over screen is borked - don't use it - just restart the level
  • Instances where undoing Shape moves over Falling Tiles will break game state making said Falling Tiles fall prematurely
  • Instances where undoing Shape and Player moves over Switches can break game state causing some funny business
  • When undoing shapes spawned via Crosses the move prior to the combination will also be undone

I am certain there are more bugs with this system lurking out there and I need some vigilant testers to help me find them.

That being said - this is still the original 30 levels from the Alpha. You should be able to get all the way through them without any other major bugs outside the Undo system.

Lastly, given some of the uncertainty with the living situation, I've decided to once again push this puppy out - this time to Q2 2022, ideally in mid-April. If we can find and squash these Movement Undo bugs there is a good chance I can hit an earlier target, but I would rather be safe than sorry!

Thanks to all who give the Beta RC1 a spin. I will try to get MacOS and Linux builds up before the end of the week.

Until next time!


Beta RC1 - Windows 7, 8, 10+ (64-bit only) 80 MB
Aug 17, 2021


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