Hovercraft 42 is a fun little survival top-down shoot-em-up with a twist. Aim carefully, as your missed bullets will create deadly walls. Dodge and shoot enemies to unlock more Missiles needed to destroy dastardly Orange Walls to survive an endless wave of enemy Hovertanks!

5 different random arenas. 3 pick-ups (Ammo, Nuke, and Health). 4 challenging enemies! Can you survive the onslaught?

How to Play

Hovertank: Modern Wall-fare is a classic top-down shooter where the player's missed shots spawn deadly walls that kill them on collision. Use missiles to destroy your own walls and survive as long as you can. 

Keep an eye out for more ammo and the elusive 'Nuke', which destroys all player walls.


  • WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • Mouse to aim cannon
  • Left mouse - fire primary weapon; if it misses and hits a wall it spawns a wall
  • Right mouse - fire missile; destroys player walls
  • Press ESCAPE to pause


Hovertank42 for Windows 17 MB
Hovertank42 for MacOS 21 MB

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