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Solve spatial logic puzzles by pushing and combining like-shapes. · By Mindnumb Interactive


Recent updates

Things Are Picking Back Up
Wowza - it's been over 220 days since any updates. In typical fashion, not a lot has changed and our release window is getting pushed back again. With any luck...
Beta RC1 Now Available for Mac and Linux
Mac and Linux users rejoice - the latest RC1 build is available for you to play! Mac builds have existed prior to the beta - but Linux is a new realm for IGEO D...
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Beta Release Candidate 1
Greetings! When we last spoke I had the pleasure of detailing how life's changes were putting a damper on IGEO DX. It seems like that is a constant factor in my...
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Delays and the State of Things
This post will serve as an update on the state of things with IGEO DXs development. Last I updated everyone the plan was to shoot for May - well, May has come a...
Launch Window Extension
Greetings! It has been quite some time since the last update. The holidays took a toll on development - so with that, the launch window has been extended to mid...